Lucky Strike // Addismine 

"Your auntie Jasmine’s gonna be here in…two seconds," Addison cooed to her beloved pig, glancing quickly at the door and when the aforementioned brunette didn’t burst right in, she hummed and smoothed her hands against her pet pig’s back. "You’re probably gonna have to get up, you know," she grunted, wiggling a bit under Barney when he only adjusted how he was laying across her chest. Reluctantly turning the corner of her mouth out, the blonde sat up slowly and caught her pet in her arms. "Sorry, baby. We can cuddle later." She winced when he simply abandoned her for the long lasting pile of clothes off to the side of her room, opting to just stretch out on her bed again and await her girlfriend’s company while considering exactly what this surprise could be. Maybe flowers again? They were always cute. "Maybe she got you a lady friend, Barney!" The blonde called to the other side of the room, twisting around to look at him and wrinkling her nose to see that he had half buried himself in her clothes. "Well, fine."

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    Addison only managed a smile before Jasmine’s lips were on hers again, humming her approval at the action and crinkling...
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    Jasmine gratefully welcomed her lips with her own, kissing her tenderly. Once the need for air became a necessity, she...

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